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21/P/02232 | Demolition of existing building and erection of two buildings comprising residential accommodation (Use Class C3), retail floorspace (Use Class E) and cinema (Sui Generis), erection of a retail pavilion (Use Class E), together with car and cycle parking, plant and all highways, landscaping and other associated works. | Debenhams, Millbrook, Guildford, GU1 3UU
  • Total Consulted: 149
  • Comments Received: 146
  • Objections: 132
  • Supporting: 14
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Mr Jan Dawood (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Mon 16 May 2022

I believe a very high end, sophisticated development that also takes into consideration the highest levels of sustainability and digital innovation, would add considerable value to the city of Guildford in raising it's profile as a desirable city to live in.

The development should also house a gym and swimming pool.

Mr John Baxter (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Sun 13 Mar 2022

Please ignore all the objections, otherwise the site will stay derelict forever, like North street and the Odeon site. The developer has to make a profit, otherwise we will be left with sub-standard tiny spaces, or no development at all.

Mr Dale Askew (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 01 Mar 2022

The proposed building has too many stories and is out of keeping with other nearby buildings.

Amy Williams (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 09 Feb 2022

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Mr Stuart Ross (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Mon 07 Feb 2022

This is a good development for Guildford and will make the best use of a large and prominent site in the town which otherwise may sit unused.

The inclusion of thoughtful riverside amenities only strengthens the application in my view and it should go ahead.

Wendy Palmer (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 01 Feb 2022

To view this comment please refer to the Documents list.

Mr Ben Mortimer (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 31 Jan 2022

This is hostile building development at its finest, hostile to the look and feel of Guildford! in no way are we in need of any 8-9 storey monstrosities full of either rented (because let's face it, students!) or half empty mid week commuter bolt holes! We do not need New homes, we need to sort the infrastructure for the town we have which is in dire need of updates!

Also another cinema? Really? You may as well get rid of the other one and build more unneeded homes...............,hmmm.............

I'd also like to know who thinks we need two cinemas

Mr Joe Taylor (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Sun 30 Jan 2022

If Guildford Council let's this prominent piece of town centre land go undeveloped it will be just another in a list of failures to modernise Guildford Town Centre.

I feel this proposal would be much more palatable if the developer had chosen to reduce the overall height of the development by several stories. But those who object fail to acknowledge the benefits this proposal brings;

A design which is fresh and largely sympathetic to its surroundings and the visual language of Guildford's riverside buildings.

Public access to the River Wey for the first time in decades.

Housing not on the greenbelt, preserving parts of Guildford that we can all share.

A boost to the town centre economy with the potential to attract further outside investment.

Guildford can't afford to stagnate for much longer, there are parts of the centre which are not ageing gracefully and that includes the current Debenhams building.

In an ideal world the height of this building would be brought down a bit to hopefully win over the skeptics, but I would also like to see this development actually make it off of the drawing board this time too.

Additionally. I would like to see the council pressure the developer over the affordable housing allocation, this shouldn't just be a building for the yuppies.

Mr Christopher Malins (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 18 Jan 2022

I was looking forward to seeing what could be done with the prime location that Debenhams used to occupy. Having seen the proposed design mock up pictures I am extremely concerned. These high rise buildings are completely out of character for Guildford and as others have commented seem far more like a design that would be built in Woking. The area presents a fantastic opportunity to develop perhaps restaurants topped with some premium accomodations. The outlook to the canal way and parks is an opportunity to build something significant and in keeping with Guildford's style. I do hope this profit over design does not get approval as I fear it would be a eyesore that would spoil an otherwise pretty part of Guildford.

Mr Martin Coakley (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 17 Jan 2022

I have variously lived, been to school, socialised and worked in Guildford for almost 50 years. At the time I first came to Guildford the then Maples development, now TGI Friday's etc.,at the top of North Street was underway as what construction of what is now the Debenhams site.

That Debenhams building was never pretty, in terms of design tone and colour did not fit into the backdrop of the High Street rising behind it and cut off a large part of the "town" side of the riverbank.

The current proposals have merit in that in terms of colour and general tone of the proposed buildings they accord with what is around them and would open up the riverbank. Where they singularly fail is in terms of height and bulk. At eight stories or more they would completely hide the view across the river from the East towards the Britannia pub and then up the hill from the rest of the town. In terms of riverbank users on either side this year height dominate the riverbank scene, it would not be an improvement on what there is now.

If there is to be new building to replace what is there already it should be no taller than the current building and ideally less, so allowing views west from Quarry Street/St Mary Church to be opened up and not dominated by the height of buildings between them and the river.

Further at that height in late afternoon at any time of year Millbrook and the properties in St Marys Terrace would be in deep shade.

The applicants should be told to go away and think again.

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