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20/P/01503 | Demolition of the Goodhart-Rendel Community Hall and erection of a replacement community hall (Use Class D1) together with five residential dwellings (Use Class C3) together with a new internal road, car parking and associated landscaping. | Goodhart-Rendel Community Hall, Cranmore Lane, West Horsley, LEATHERHEAD, KT24 6BT
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Mr Bob Spackman (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Sat 24 Oct 2020

I am writing in support of this development. It is a unique opportunity to revive a community facility which regrettably has reached the end of its structural life.

1) The proposal for five dwellings, all of which are small in size, is what is needed in this village where too often large four and five bedroomed houses are put forward, approved and built. The village needs a range of housing and this proposal compliments the nearby housing currently under construction.

2) The new hall is smaller than existing facilities in the village and compliments them by extending the choice of facilities available for hire.

3) The new community hall offers activities which are unavailable at the West Horsley Village Hall or either of the two pubs in West Horsley, namely table tennis, snooker and skittles.

4) Table tennis and snooker are played three times a week by members of the Horsley U3A, a terrific organisation providing a portal for maturing folk to get out, socialise and enjoy themselves. Statements that the hall is 'never used' are incorrect, and personally I enjoy cycling to the venue during summer months.

5) Surveys carried out previously on residents within the parish showed there to be a demand for starter homes for young people and smaller homes for those whose children have left home and wish to downsize. This proposed development meets these requirements perfectly.

6) From a landscape point of view, the current site is unattractive and the proposed landscaping facing onto Cranmore Lane is attractive and will be an enhancement of the neighbourhood.

Ms C Davis (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 16 Oct 2020

To view this comment please refer to the Documents list.

Ms Roger Hill (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Fri 16 Oct 2020

I want to express my full support, providing the local community with a redeveloped community hall is a necessity; the current hall is in a very bad state and almost unusable for the members that use it. With no money available for redevelopment through any charity routes we must push for this option as it might be our last. The scheme is for 2 and 3 bed houses, this is rare to find in the area and we really need them.

Ms Victoria lee (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Thu 15 Oct 2020

As a member of the hall, the replacement of the Goodhart-Rendel Hall is long overdue. It is a much loved village facility to many locals and visitors. I wish to support the proposed development.

Mr Dan Gleebitz (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Thu 15 Oct 2020

At times like this keeping a community hall going is a must! We cannot lose local halls due to lack of funds; we need to consent this scheme! I am in support and hope the council are as well. As residents we need to back applications like this.

Mr Robin Satow (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Thu 15 Oct 2020

As a user of the present Hall, I wish to support this application.

The present building dates in part from the end of World War 2. The Hall is partly of timber construction. It has hitherto served the local branch of the Royal British Legion, U3A groups (snooker and table tennis continues), and a few other community activities such as skittles. It is available for other functions, but its gradually deteriorating condition counts against it, and the Trustees do not have the financial resources to erect a replacement. It was built on land donated for the purpose by the late HS Goodhart-Rendel, who also donated Hatchlands Park to the National Trust in 1945.

In seeking to have five new homes of modest size built on land also owned by the Hall Trustees, to fund a new Hall, they do appear to be motivated to secure the long-term future of this community facility.

Mrs Sarah Relf (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 15 Oct 2020

I strongly object to this planning application on the following grounds:

This land was gifted the land in trust for the benefit of the local community by the late HS Goodhart-Rendel of Hatchlands Park. In the past, the hall may have been a community facility, but this is no longer true

It has not been established that the Trustees of the Goodhart Rendel Hall have a legitimate right to develop the land. Guildford Borough Council has an obligation to investigate the terms of the trust, even if this means locating and interrogating historical records

A new hall would not offer any great benefit to the local community. There is little local support for a new hall - there has certainly been no community consultation to demonstrate that there is. The existing hall is not well used, and even when it is, it is only by a handful of people, few of whom seem to be local residents as most arrive by car. As such, it has not offered any significant benefit to the huge majority of local people for many years, so any argument in favour of its redevelopment are invalid. The planning application bears no objective evidence. It does not establish how the hall is used, when and by whom (the organisations, numbers of their members and where they come from). The principal organisation that occasionally uses the hall, the Royal British Legion, has not furnished membership numbers to help establish usage of the hall

The hall's trustees have failed in their efforts to raise funds not only from local residents, but also the British Legion, West Horsley Parish Council and the Big Lottery Fund, for the renovation or replacement of the hall, which surely underlines this belief

Raising finance for the redevelopment of the hall should be the responsibility of the trustees, and not in exchange for development of the site

West Horlsey is already well-catered for with local halls. To name a few, we have: West Horsley Village Hall, The Wheelhouse at St Mary's Church, the Wesley Room at the Methodist Church, as well as two pubs, one of which has a sizable function room

Over the twenty years we have lived here, we have already witnessed a few occasions when loud music, increased traffic and rowdy behaviour of people leaving the hall late at night have caused a nuisance. The proposed new hall would be available for public hire and hence subject to increased usage, which would likely to bring even more traffic and more frequent noise disturbance

The local community would probably benefit much more from an alternative facility, such as a safe children's play area as there are none in the immediate vicinity

If the local community's desire for the redevelopment of the hall cannot be proven, responsibility for the site should revert to the original landowner and hopefully be redeveloped to provide a "brand new facility for the community" of a type that the community actually wants

The site is not allocated in the Guildford Local Plan and should not be considered in isolation. Guildford Borough Council has already allowed the complete destruction of the natural and historic adjacent allocated site in this part of West Horsley's supposedly-protected Conservation Area. This plot is the last parcel of green space in this immediate area and should be conserved

Development would be contrary to the National Planning policy framework, which stipulates that developments must have regard to protecting local green spaces (paragraph 76), conserving and enhancing the natural environment (paragraphs 109- 116), conserving and enhancing the historic environment (paragraph 126), and neighbourhood planning (paragraphs 183-185)

The proposed development is also contrary to many of the objectives and policies in the West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan which was overwhelmingly approved by the village and accepted by Guildford Borough Council in November 2018

Immediate neighbours in Cranmore Cottages will clearly suffer from loss of privacy and access to sunlight/daylight, as well as noise, vibration, pollution, and dust, in direct contravention to the policies of the Local Plan

The construction phase is likely to take months, if not years to complete. For neighbours, this means a significant period of disruption and danger from construction traffic, as well as inevitable further damage to the already dreadful state of the road in Cranmore Lane. Which, as we know from experience, the Council seems unable to either repair itself or oblige developers to.

Mr Peter Blackbourn (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Thu 15 Oct 2020

This proposal provides both a community hall for the area and additional housing in a well thought out and pleasing style, which will improve the area and be an asset to the community.

Ms Jan Amos (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Wed 14 Oct 2020

Hi- I am a trustee of the Goodhart- Rendel Community Hall and I would like to give my support to this planning application. It will be a well-received improvement to the Hall, providing something that the community can treasure for future generations.

We are excited to open our doors again (following the planning consent and build) to our community, especially after all the tough times we have been through.

Mr Robert Elliott (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Wed 14 Oct 2020

I am a trustee of the Hall and we have been working hard to keep it open, unfortunately it has fallen into disrepair and the only viable option we have, is to re-develop the site to bring the hall back to the Community. I would therefore like to express my full support for this planning application and would like to see the new hall built for our past, existing and future members.

Many thanks

Robert Elliott

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