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18/P/00939 | Demolition of 1 number bungalow to be replaced with 2 number chalet bungalows | 70 South Lane, Ash, Guildford, GU12 6NJ
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Mrs Judy Baker (Neutral)

Comment submitted date: Mon 02 Jul 2018

While I have no objection in principle to the re-development of the land at 70 South Lane, to my amateur eye, the planned houses look to be very large by comparison with what they are replacing, which concerns me. I have other concerns too, as follows:

The sketches submitted are not detailed enough for me to assess exactly where both new houses would come in relation to my own property. Thus I am not able to accurately figure out how I would be affected, especially in terms of loss of light caused by building 70. Will more detailed plans be available before planning is determined and if so, will I be able to access them?

It looks as if there is no provision for any space between the new buildings and my boundary. Does this mean the plan is to build right up against my fence, not allowing for access for maintenance purposes? If this is so, then I do object to that because any requirement for maintenance to be carried out would rely on understanding between neighbours, which is not always possible.

Although the existing bungalow was lived in until a year ago, the plot itself has been largely untouched for many years and nature has taken over. The proposed block plan makes no reference to whether any of the existing trees would be kept - I imagine not, given the proposed size of the houses - but would like to know if there are any plans to replant, in order to maintain the "green lung" effect of the space.

I have two mature trees on my property (a hawthorn at the front and a silver birch at the back), as well as a laurel/beech hedge at the front which forms the boundary, and these might well overhang the proposed houses, depending on their location. How would this be handled if the boundary is not offset? Also, what would be done to protect my boundary fences during any building work?

As I said initially, I do not object to the application in principle but I do hope that my concerns will be addressed before any decision is made.

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