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16/P/00705 | Demolition of existing single garage and car port to rear of garden and erection of a two storey detached dwelling. | 81 Byrefield Road, Guildford, GU2 9UA
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Ms Sharon Young (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 11 Jul 2016

I note the planning application for 81 Byrefield Road with astonishment as this is the first time the application has come to my notice, purely by accident. Are affected neighbours no longer notified?

That aside, my eyebrows are put to further contortions that this application is even being considered. It was refused 1 yr ago and should be refused again.

The existing house, to which a makeshift drive and parking space was added to facilitate the application, is right on the corner of the narrowest part of Rydes Hill Road and where the Arriva buses turn between parked cars into Byrefield Road. The junction was difficult enough even before said "drive and parking space" were constructed and this corner is becoming almost impossible to navigate for buses and for traffic exiting from Byrefield Road into Rydes Hill Road, and this at a time when 81 Byrefield Road continues to park in the garage and porch which they plan to demolish to build yet another house with 2 parking spaces - where are all these cars going to go? I cannot believe the Highways Officer reported this as acceptable.

Apart from that, the proposed additional dwelling will present a very "squeezed-in" appearance detrimental to the existing street street scene. The proposed plot is too small to support development. To endorse Mr & Mrs Quinn's objection, it is neither a vacant plot nor a brown field site - it is just a moderate sized back garden in keeping with the surrounding

properties. Any development here would be cramped and out of character with surrounding properties and Number 81 Byrefield Road would end up having a much reduced back garden.

The Byrefield Road junction is the narrowest section of Rydes Hill Road and has the old Victorian cottages opposite, therefore any new house will have a negative impact on the

appearance of the street and will create a very ?enclosed? section of the road ? at odds with any other section of the street scene along the full length of Rydes Hill Road and fails to follow the established pattern of development in the immediate surrounding area.

I trust this application will be refused.

And in future,  it is imperative that permitted development rights are removed from the property to ensure that no development work is considered in the future.

Sharon Young

Mr Robert Liesicke (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Wed 29 Jun 2016

I previously lived at 81 Byrefield Road for 25 years so I will keep my comments objective and fair.

Guildford has a desperate shortage of family housing and this would be an ideal starter home. Most modern developments have no garden at all and this property would offer some to a young family which is in keeping with the area.

Most modern developments only provide 1 allocated parking space whereas this is proposing to provide 2. For example, please see the proposed plans for the school conversion in Down Road in Guildford which is proposing to provide 6 parking spaces for 6 two bedroom flats.

The proposed design perfectly fits in with the area, it is a smaller version of 81 Byrefield Road and could pass to have been built in the same period to the non-local passerby.

The proposed design may barely be visible from the houses on Sheepfold Road due to tree cover along the border of the plot. Also the design has minimised additional overlooking.

There have been 2 parking spaces right next to the bus stop for at least 30 years and the proposed design will not change that. The noise to the proposed property would be no greater than to the existing property, which is minimal except for perhaps during rush hour.

There is clear precedent of a house being built on this type of plot less than 50m from the proposed plot, between Shepherds Lane and Sheepfold Road. The house that has been built there is significantly bigger and it's also more out of character with the surrounding houses.

There is also precedent 50m in the other direction between the top of Belmont Avenue and Byrefield Road. This is much bigger house which impedes greatly on the back of the house at the top of Belmont Avenue.

The proposed property will not be significantly close to any other homes, especially when compared to other houses in the area which are mainly 1 - 2 metres apart and semi-detached. Also if you look at the proposed property in respect of the wider surrounding area (I had to use Google Maps) it would be completely in fitting with the surrounding area.

Objectiveness aside, I have a very close attachment to the area and I genuinely feel this is the right design for the area. It is a family area and this is a family home being built by a local family who have lived in the existing house for 30 years, and in the area for all their life. The proposed design is in keeping with the area, modest as opposed to over-development of the available space, and it's exactly what Guildford needs which is affordable family housing to give the next generation the opportunity I had to grow up in this fantastic area of Guildford.

Mr Chris & Mrs Sara Quinn (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 03 May 2016

To view this comment please refer to the documents' list.

Comment submitted date: Sat 28 May 2016

To view this comment please refer to the documents' list.

Damian Kelly (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 03 May 2016

To view this comment please refer to the documents' list.

Mrs Helen Brooks (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 02 May 2016

The plot is still overdeveloped.

The loss of parking spaces would cause more cars to be parked on Rydes hill/Byrefield Road - a regular bus route.

Arboricultural report states T1 (within our boundary) is in a poor condition. Concerns that the proximity of any building work will cause harm to the tree/roots which we wish to retain to provide privacy.

Render on the south elevation (in view from our garden) will be difficult to maintain and could deteriorate quickly, becoming unsightly.

Concerns that if this house was granted planning permission it could be extended at a later date, potentially under permitted development. If this was granted planning permission we would request that these rights are removed.

Should permission be granted, building noise/dust will cause significant disturbance to our property.

Mrs Linda Fry (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 02 May 2016

My objections to the proposed new dwelling at number 81 Byrefield Road are as follows:-

1. As it is to be full 2 storey height it would completely dominate our rear garden and conservatory.

2. Inadequate parking space for the 2 properties in what is already a very congested area, on a bus route.

3. Disturbance (noise and dirt) from the development and subsequently the close proximity of an extra dwelling.

Mr Malcolm Fry (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 29 Apr 2016

As the adjacent neighbour to number 81 Byrefield Road I object strongly to the proposed development on three counts:

1. The height of the proposed building - it is far too dominant, a full 2 storey house with pitched roof. The nearest corner is less than 20 metres from our conservatory, the new building would block the afternoon sunshine when the sun is low in the sky, in the winter months when it is most needed. I think the dwelling should be a dormer bungalow in order to reduce the overall height.

2. Car parking- the parking problems which would ensue. Currently number 81 has 5 vehicles, 3 of which are housed in the garage and hard standing which would be taken away by the development. Where would these 3 vehicles go? As parking in Rydes Hill Road is restricted by the bus stops, I fear they would be parked in Byrefield Road, adding to the congestion there on the bus route.

3. Disturbance to neighbours - in my opinion more concern should be given to this problem. This is a mature residential area, not a brown field site. We are already suffering from a major development on the other side of our house which has resulted in filth and dirt, pavements blocked with diggers, vans and lorries and for 3 weeks, the endless noise of breaking concrete.

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