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16/P/00248 | Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a replacement five bedroom dwelling with detached garage and swimming pool. | Southbrook Copse, Wonham Way, Gomshall, Guildford, GU5 9NZ
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Mrs Michelle Scott (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Wed 02 Mar 2016

As a relatively near neighbour of the property I am in favour of the House's redevelopment, the existing house is a property with little aesthetic appeal, whereas the proposed house would sit very well into it's semi-rural location. I completely support this application.

Mr John Ellenger (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Tue 01 Mar 2016

In my view the new house will be in a much better position than the existing.

The site is plenty big enough to cope with the new structure and it will not detract from the overall woodland feel to this part of the road

Mr R Fortey (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Fri 26 Feb 2016

As close neighbours we consider these proposals to be sensible and appropriate for a new family house in this location.

We are pleased to see the principal property access is to remain on the northern boundary as it is at present.

In order to minimize inconvenience to residents, we would hope that construction, and site deliveries during construction, are carried out at reasonable week day hours.

Mrs Barbara Karlsson (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Fri 26 Feb 2016

I have visited the site and walked over the area and along the footpath beside the site on many occasions.

The revised plans have addressed previous concerns and are imaginative and attractive. The materials used are similar to several other properties in Wonham Way and are sympathetic to, and blend well with, a woodland setting.

The glass area will be a bonus for the residents as it is a splendid opportunity to bring natural light into the building. A further benefit will be the solar gain provided by the windows and any design feature that can reduce the need for the use of light and heat is surely a bonus. Also, if a property has the benefit of far-reaching views, they should be fully enjoyed.

The main feature that I particularly applaud is the lowered ridge height. By dropping the house down to a lower level into the garden, the applicant has managed to open up a vista that has been obscured for years and can now be enjoyed by all who pass by on their rambles.

The benefit of a ridge some 3.25m below the existing is a bonus that does not often present itself and thus actually enhances the openness and setting of the dwelling.

I consider the plans comply with NPPF and the H6 of the Local Plan and will not have any adverse impact on its already sheltered surroundings.

I believe the proposed house will sit extremely well in the landscape and I very much hope the application will be approved.


Mr Ronny Karlsson (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Fri 26 Feb 2016

I welcome the application to demolish the existing house and rebuild in a lower position on the site.

The new ridge will be considerably less than the existing and will thus contribute to the general openness of the views around.

I note that the floor area uplift is under the figure recently achieved in other new buildings, i.e. 36% and I consider this reasonable for a building of this stature set in a large site of some 4 acres.

The windows proposed will not only bring light into the building but offer solar gain.

I support the application.


Mr Paul Wildash (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Fri 26 Feb 2016

Having lived in Wonham Way for over 30 years I fully support this application. Over the years I have seen many updates and improvements to the dwellings in the road and the plans for Southbrook Copse appear to be well thought out and attractive and would fit very well into the surroundings. It would be a pleasure to see a new, modern and well designed house on the plot. There is certainly no merit to the present house and it will certainly not be missed by me.

Mr Paul Deslandes (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Fri 26 Feb 2016

As a near neighbour of the property I am strongly in favour of the site's redevelopment. The proposed new dwelling will enhance the locality and be an extremely attractive addition to the housing stock of Wonham Way, replacing as it does the existing rather bland house.

As a local resident and walker, the new property will also reduce the impact of the existing house on the vistas available to those living nearby, walking past and viewing from afar.

I wholeheartedly support the development.

Mr Andrew Armstrong (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Thu 25 Feb 2016

As a resident of Wonham Way, I fully support the proposed plans. I believe the new house will be entirely appropriate for its location, and indeed a significant improvement on the existing dwelling. The owners have also proved to be active, co-operative and considerate members of the road 'community' and kept us well-informed of their plans.

Mrs Cornelia Gregory (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Tue 23 Feb 2016

As residents of Wonham Way and close neighbours of the property in question, we fully support this application. The road does not have any particular house style and we believe it is in keeping with the rural character of the road.

Furthermore we feel that the proposed design is sensitive and sympathetic to its surroundings. The re-positioning of the house is better located on the plot since it is further away from the road/track.

We believe the materials the applicants are proposing to use work well with the landscape and the area.

Mr Roger Downer (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Sun 21 Feb 2016

As a close neighbour I am in full support of this application.

The existing house and out-buildings are very poor stock.

The house is overgrown with mature trees and was in a poor state of repair when the current occupants purchased the building and land.

The proposal appears to address the problems associated with the proximity of the mature trees, by repositioning the main building to take advantage of a very large plot,

The former owners reared chicken for egg production on what was considered locally a small holding, with redundant machinery and chicken houses dotting the landscape.

In my opinion the proposal greatly enhances the ecletic mix of building in Wonham Way. its elevations compliment the landscape which has several levels to contend with due to the natural contours of the plot.

The applicants have also taken care to keep neighbours informed of planning progress and addressed issues associated with deliveries by jointly providing a strengthened bridge over the River Tillingbourne in anticipation of the deliveries required to achieve their plans.

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