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20/T/00126 | T1 - Mature Horse Chestnut - Reduce height by 2metres and bring laterals in by 1.5metres to reduce weight. T2 - Cluster of Ash Trees - Section fell ash trees growing within Hollies and next to Horse Chestnut. T3, 4, 5, 6 - Four Sycamores - Reduce left hand sycamore by 1metre and laterals by 0.5metres. Section fell Sycamore to the right of this. Reduce two other Sycamores running down again by 1metre on the top and 0.5metres on the laterals. Section fell single Sycamore which is preventing the larger, more dominant one from growing and forming a nice shape. T7 - Mature Horse Chestnut - Reduce the trees as one by 2 metres all round (Tree Preservation Order P1/201/123). | 2 Ranmore Meadows, Crocknorth Road, Dorking, RH5 6SL

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