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12/P/01973 | a) Outline application for the development of up to 400 residential dwellings on 22.1ha of the site including the creation of an access point from Ash Lodge Drive, the demolition of no. 52 South Lane, and the demolition of no. 54 South Lane to enable the creation of a second access point from South Lane. Creation of a primary route through the site and an emergency access link from South Lane. Provision of open space including children's play areas, community allotments, sustainable urban drainage systems and green links on the site. (Matters for approval: Access) and b) Full planning permission for the change of use from agricultural land to use as a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) on 24.0ha of land to the south of the dismantled railway/Christmas Pie Route to serve the proposal and the surrounding area, including accesses, pathways and associated landscaping. Additional and amended documents received - Environmental Statement Addendum, Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Statement Review received 26/04/13; Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Statement (version 03) received 30/04/13; Revised indicative layout received 28/05/13; Environmental Statement Addendum Part 2 - Cultural Heritage received 07/06/13; Review of Environmental Statement Addendum received 31/05/13; FRA and Drainage Statement Review (SMA) submitted 26 April 2013; Breeding Bird Survey (aspect ecology) submitted July 2013; Mitigation measures in relation to bats and lighting (aspect ecology) submitted July 2013 | Land south of, Ash Lodge Drive, Ash, Guildford

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