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19/P/00703 | Erection of 4 dwellings (2x 2-bed, 2x 3-bed) with associated access, parking and landscape works following the demolition of existing buildings (2x 4-bed dwellings) and outbuildings (amended plans received). | 408 & 410 Lower Road, Effingham, Leatherhead, KT24 5JP
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Surrey County Council Highways & Transportation Department

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Environmental Health Officer

Comment Date:

Planning Consultation - 19/P/00703

Erection of 5 dwellings (2x 2-bed, 3x 3-bed) with associated access, parking and landscape works following the demolition of existing buildings (2x 4-bed dwellings) and outbuildings - 408 & 410 Lower Road, Effingham, Leatherhead, KT24 5JP

Environmental Health has no objection to this application subject to the following comments and recommendations:


Adequate control precautions shall be taken in order to control noise emissions from any fixed plant, including generators, on site during demolition / construction activities. This may require the use of quiet plant or ensuring that the plant is sited appropriately and / or adequately attenuated. Exhaust emissions from such plant shall be vented to atmosphere such that fumes do not ingress into any property.

Due to the proximity of residential accommodation there should be no burning of waste material on site.

During demolition or construction phases, adequate control precautions should be taken in order to control the spread of dust on the site, so as to prevent a nuisance to residents in the locality. This may involve the use of dust screens and importing a water supply to wet areas of the site to inhibit dust.

In the event that piling works are necessary, a scheme for limiting the noise shall be submitted to the Local Planning Authority and shall be in accordance with BS 5228 (Parts 1 & 4) for noise control. The scheme shall specify the proposed piling method and the reason for its selection. This shall take into account the ground conditions of the proposed development site and the proximity of residential properties. Piling shall not commence until written approval has been obtained from the Local Planning Authority. Please Note : Silent piling is the preferred option and only in extreme cases will noisy methods, such as driven piles, be permitted.

A condition requiring a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)to be submitted for approval prior to any works (including demolition and groundworks) starting on site, should be placed on any permission and should include/address the following:

? An indicative programme for carrying out the works

? Measures to minimise the production of dust on the site(s)

? Measures to minimise the noise (including vibration) generated by the construction process to include the careful selection of plant and machinery and use of noise mitigation barrier(s)

? Maximum noise levels expected 1 metre from the affected fašade of any residential unit adjacent to the site(s)

? Design and provision of site hoardings

? Management of traffic visiting the site(s) including temporary parking or holding areas

? Provision of off road parking for all site operatives

? Measures to prevent the transfer of mud and extraneous material onto the public highway

? Measures to manage the production of waste and to maximise the re-use of materials

? Measures to minimise the potential for pollution of groundwater and surface water

? The location and design of site office(s) and storage compounds

? The location of temporary vehicle access points to the site(s) during the construction works

? The arrangements for public consultation and liaison during the construction works


In terms of the operational phase, although it is noted that this application is for 5 dwellings, in accordance with good practice guidance Electric Vehicle Charging points should be provided:

Publically accessible EV "rapid charge? point (of 22kW or faster) should be provided per 10 residential dwellings (where no dedicated off-street parking is provided). Ideally any dwellings with dedicated off-street parking should be provided with their own charge points for low-emission plug-in vehicles. Where these things are not practicable, contribution towards installation at nearby locations should be considered.

The following information should also be provided to the applicant/their agent:


Environmental Health Officers recommend controls on times to carry out works due to the potential noise nuisance from construction site activities. Demolition and construction work on site should be carried out within the following times:-

a) Mon - Fri working only between 08.00 hours and 18.00 hours.

(b) Saturday working only between 08.00 hours and 13.00 hours.

(c) No work to take place on Sundays or Bank Holidays


Julie Oates

Environmental Health Officer

Regulatory Services

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Comment Date:

Planning Consultation - 19/P/00703

Erection of 4 dwellings (2x 2-bed, 2x 3-bed) with associated access, parking and landscape works following the demolition of existing buildings (2x 4-bed dwellings) and outbuildings (amended plans) - 408 & 410 Lower Road, Effingham, Leatherhead, KT24 5JP

Following the submission of the revised plans, Environmental Health has no additional comments to make. The comments made in the earlier response (dated 08/05/19) still apply.


Julie Oates

Environmental Health Officer

Regulatory Services

Effingham Parish Council, The Parish Room

Comment Date:

Effingham Parish Council OBJECT to the proposal:

Greenbelt ? special circumstances. This area of the village has not been inset, and therefore remains in the Green Belt. The proposed development should not be approved as the developer has failed to demonstrate very special circumstances that would outweigh the harms to openness and the wider rural perspective that the development would produce.

Highway safety and access to site. Proposed access from the development to Lower Road is at a particularly dangerous part of Lower Road, practically opposite the Effingham Place estate where there was a road traffic accident fatality in January 2019.

Access on to Lower Road will make it more dangerous for c. 2000 children accessing the two local schools that are close to the proposed development and is contrary to the agreement Berkeley Homes reached with GBB and SCC in June 2017 as part of the application for the proposed development on the neighbouring land.

Further, we note that in his appeal decision of March 2018 on the application for 295 homes (reference 14/P/02109), the Secretary of State looked at the effect of the proposed development on the local highway network and safety of highway users. The Secretary of State considered that concerns over deficiencies in parking provision and the hazard to pedestrians caused by the development were mitigated by the use of a link road between Lower Road and Effingham Common Road, which had the capacity to deliver some improvement to traffic flows, especially at peak time. The proposed development had to seek to ensure an appropriate level of parking provision and to ensure that appropriate access and highway layout was provided to ensure the development was compatible with the local road network. This latest proposal appears to reintroduce some of these risks.

Parking. There are 13 parking places for the marked out for the proposed development. The three parking spaces proposed for each of properties number 3 and 5 are in a line ? one car space behind the other. If the owners had three cars, to get the furthest car out from its parking space, two other cars would have to be moved. The proposed parking provision is therefore impracticable. It renders the spaces for houses 3 and 5 unusable and will produce more parking on the public road, in what is already the busiest area for traffic in the village.

Over-development. The density of housing on the proposed site (0.7 hectares) is equivalent to 31.25 houses per hectare, which is of a greater density than all other houses directly fronting major roads in Effingham. Visually it will give the appearance of 5 houses being crammed into too small an area and be out of character with the appearance of all other housing and other buildings in the road. It will give an urban impression on this important approach road to the village.

The over-development is also apparent when other areas of the village are considered. The housing areas in the village that are of the equivalent density to this proposed development are Middle Farm Place and The Grove. However, these are mixed housing with maisonettes and flats that are pleasant in appearance with well-designed green areas and the density is not visible. In the case of the proposed development, the high density is very noticeable by its appearance, the over-crowded and unsuitable design of the parking spaces and the crowded appearance of the houses as viewed from the road.

The proposed development is not therefore supportive of aims to preserve the character and appearance of the village and represents an overdevelopment of the plot.

Please note that the Effingham Neighbourhood Plan has site selected two areas of housing: Church Street with a housing density of 12.86 houses per hectare and Orchard Wall with a density of 16.22.

Other. The parish council have concerns that there may not be compliance to GBC energy standards. The Energy Statement, Section 7 page 15, states that the developer has incorrectly followed the Mole Valley District Council Core Strategy:2009.


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Design & Conservation

Consultation Date: Fri 19 Jul 2019

Surrey Wildlife Trust

Consultation Date: Fri 19 Jul 2019

Cllr Liz Hogger (Effingham)

Consultation Date: Fri 19 Jul 2019

Thames Water Development Control (Planning)

Consultation Date: Fri 19 Jul 2019

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