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Planning – Application Constraints

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15/P/01203 | Erection of a two storey dwelling following demolition of existing single storey dwelling. | Rosemary, Wood Street Green, Wood Street Village, Guildford, GU3 3DX
Name Constraint Type
Extent of the Green Belt Policy RE1 Extent of the Green Belt There will be a Green Belt covering the entire Borough with the exception of Guildford Urban Area, Ash and Tongham and land to the south and east of Ash and Tongham, as shown on the Proposals Map.
Development Within the Green Belt Policy RE2 Development Within the Green Belt Within the Metropolitan Green Belt, as shown on the Proposals Map, new building will be deemed inappropriate unless it is for the following purposes: 1 Agriculture and forestry; 2 Essential facilities for outdoor sport and outdoor recreation, cemeteries and other uses of land which preserve the openness of the Green Belt and which do not conflict with the purposes of including land within it; 3 Limited extension, alteration or replacement of existing dwellings providing it is in accordance with Policies H6 and H9; 4 Infilling in villages to the extent specified in Policy RE3; 5 Affordable housing for local needs in accordance with Policy H12; 6 Re-use and adaptation of rural buildings in accordance with Policies RE9 and RE10.
Replacement Dwellings in the Countryside Policy H6 Replacement Dwellings in the Countryside Outside the urban areas of Guildford and Ash and Tongham replacement dwellings will be permitted provided that the development: 1 Does not result in the loss of a small dwelling; 2 Is in scale and character with the area and avoids the adverse affects of overdevelopment; 3 Has no unacceptable effect on the amenities enjoyed by the occupants of buildings in terms of privacy and access to sunlight and daylight; 4 Has no unacceptable effect on the existing context and character of the adjacent buildings and immediate surroundings. In addition to the above criteria, outside the identified settlements and within the Green Belt there will also be a presumption against the replacement of existing dwellings with dwellings which are materially larger than those they replace.
Species Protection Policy NE4 Species Protection Planning permission will not be granted for any development that would be liable to cause any demonstrable harm to a species of animal or plant or its habitat, protected under British Law unless conditions are attached requiring the developer to take steps to secure their protection.
Thames Basin Heath Special Protection Area Not Available

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