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19/P/00761 | A two storey side extension with a north facing juliet balcony at first floor level. | Whistlers Farm, Guildford Road, Effingham, Leatherhead, KT24 5QD
Name Constraint Type
Protection of amenities enjoyed by occup G1 (3) Protection of amenities enjoyed by occupants of buildings The amenities enjoyed by occupants of buildings are protected from unneighbourly development in terms of privacy, access to sunlight and daylight, noise, vibration, pollution, dust and smell.
Landscape, Heritage, Character and Design To conserve the essential landscape, heritage and rural character of the Plan Area whilst promoting sustainable development within the village area in accordance with ENP-G1, all development proposals must: 1. Respect the rural and landscape character and setting of Effingham identified within the Guildford Borough Council Landscape Character Assessment; in particular by conserving the open countryside in and around the village area and the key strategic views and vistas described in schedule (A). Development proposals should have regard to key views and vistas and should be designed to minimise the effect on the existing landscape character and long distance views across the Plan Area, or on attractive outlooks from within the built area. 2. Reflect the layout and character of the historic settlement form, which is based on the original Saxon settlement with St Lawrence Church as the focal point, and that of the nationally and locally listed heritage assets and their settings, identified in schedule (B), both within Effingham Conservation Area and in the wider Plan Area. 3. Maintain the character of the built environment by ensuring that the scale and height of new buildings are proportionate to their surroundings, and that attractive features and boundary walls, fences , trees, hedges, and parkland are retained to ensure that new developments blend in with the landscape. Native species should be used for hedges and tree planting. 4. Utilise materials and finishes in new buildings, walls and hard landscaping, which are consistent with or otherwise respect the traditional built form and character of the locality, for example flint, brick, clay tile, render and stone.

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