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15/T/00188 | Lime trees (T1, T2, T3) - cut back to last pruning point and thin the crown by 25% to maintain the shape and proportion of the trees. Remove all basal and epicormic growth along the trunks. Remove all growth back to stubs on branches over gardens. Remove all damaged and diseased wood. Remove any crossing or rubbing branches (Tree Preservation Order P1/201/67). | Grass verges either side of, Paddock Road, Guildford, GU4 7LN
Name Constraint Type
Safeguarding and Enhancement of the land G1 (12) Safeguarding and Enhancement of the landscape and existing natural features Development is designed to safeguard and enhance the characteristic landscape of the locality and existing natural features on the site, such as, hedgerows, trees, watercourses and ponds which are worthy of protection.
Dev. Affecting Trees, Hedges & Woodlands Policy NE5 Development Affecting Trees, Hedges and Woodlands Development will not be permitted if it would damage or destroy trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order or in a Conservation Area unless the removal would: 1 Be in the interests of good arboricultural practice; or 2 The need for the development outweighs the amenity value of the protected trees. If the removal of any trees is permitted as part of a development, a condition may require that an equivalent number (or more) of new locally native trees be planted either on or near the site.

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