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15/T/00173 | T1 Holly Tree - Reduce crown by 2m to 8m and height by 3m to 8m to separate from a specimen Walnut Tree. T2 Common Yew Tree - Reduce crown by 2m to 3m and height by 3m to 6m to separate from a specimen Walnut Tree. T3 Common Larch - Fell as poor and deformed example which is affecting the growth of specimen trees. All works to maintain the appearance of the garden (TPO No. 3 of 1978). | Fairlawns, Laustan Close, Guildford, GU1 2QU
Name Constraint Type
Dev. Affecting Trees, Hedges & Woodlands Policy NE5 Development Affecting Trees, Hedges and Woodlands Development will not be permitted if it would damage or destroy trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order or in a Conservation Area unless the removal would: 1 Be in the interests of good arboricultural practice; or 2 The need for the development outweighs the amenity value of the protected trees. If the removal of any trees is permitted as part of a development, a condition may require that an equivalent number (or more) of new locally native trees be planted either on or near the site.

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