Attendance summary

Explanation of the statistics columns

The number of meetings that the councillor was expected to attend in their capacity as member of that committee.
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in their capacity as member of that committee.
In attendance
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in a capacity other than committee member, for example a voluntary attendance out of personal interest for a topic being discussed.
Councillor Expected Present In attendance
Councillor Paul Abbey324
Councillor Tim Anderson442
Councillor Jon Askew760
Councillor Christopher Barrass552
Councillor Joss Bigmore762
Councillor David Bilbé14100
Councillor Richard Billington750
Councillor Chris Blow772
Councillor Dennis Booth651
Councillor Philip Brooker870
Councillor Ruth Brothwell330
Councillor Adrian Chandler652
Councillor Alexandra Chesterfield330
Councillor Nils Christiansen531
Councillor Colin Cross1181
Councillor Geoff Davis660
Councillor Graham Ellwood770
Councillor David Elms970
Councillor Graham Eyre440
Councillor Matt Furniss880
Councillor Andrew Gomm630
Councillor Angela Goodwin961
Councillor David Goodwin12111
Councillor Murray Grubb Jnr300
Councillor Angela Gunning12126
Councillor Gillian Harwood660
Councillor Jan Harwood1050
Councillor Liz Hogger14110
Councillor Christian Holliday550
Councillor Liz Hooper220
Councillor Tom Hunt430
Councillor Mike Hurdle530
Councillor Michael Illman210
Councillor Gordon Jackson1090
Councillor Diana Jones420
Councillor Jennifer Jordan321
Councillor Nigel Kearse430
Councillor Sheila Kirkland330
Councillor Steven Lee541
Councillor Nigel Manning980
Councillor Ted Mayne443
Councillor Julia McShane870
Councillor Ann McShee320
Councillor Bob McShee971
Councillor Masuk Miah540
Councillor Marsha Moseley11100
Councillor Ramsey Nagaty433
Councillor Nikki Nelson-Smith650
Councillor Susan Parker14114
Councillor Mike Parsons220
Councillor Dennis Paul610
Councillor Tony Phillips550
Councillor Mike Piper551
Councillor George Potter541
Councillor David Quelch991
Councillor Jo Randall1082
Councillor John Redpath662
Councillor Maddy Redpath321
Councillor David Reeve221
Councillor Caroline Reeves15155
Councillor John Rigg223
Councillor Iseult Roche630
Councillor Tony Rooth12106
Councillor Will Salmon550
Councillor Matthew Sarti320
Councillor Deborah Seabrook662
Councillor Pauline Searle870
Councillor Patrick Sheard652
Councillor Paul Spooner17171
Councillor James Steel550
Councillor James Walsh980
Councillor Fiona White950
Councillor Jenny Wicks630
Councillor David Wright611
Councillor Catherine Young221