Attendance summary

Explanation of the statistics columns

The number of meetings that the councillor was expected to attend in their capacity as member of that committee.
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in their capacity as member of that committee.
In attendance
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in a capacity other than committee member, for example a voluntary attendance out of personal interest for a topic being discussed.
Councillor Expected Present In attendance
Councillor David Bilbé12110
Councillor Richard Billington18160
Councillor Philip Brooker15141
Councillor Adrian Chandler14142
Councillor Alexandra Chesterfield760
Councillor Nils Christiansen14100
Councillor Colin Cross1290
Councillor Geoff Davis1080
Councillor Graham Ellwood1170
Councillor David Elms17151
Councillor Matt Furniss17140
Councillor Andrew Gomm860
Councillor Angela Goodwin770
Councillor David Goodwin970
Councillor Murray Grubb Jnr510
Councillor Angela Gunning12110
Councillor Gillian Harwood440
Councillor Liz Hogger1270
Councillor Christian Holliday961
Councillor Liz Hooper540
Councillor Mike Hurdle1290
Councillor Michael Illman1080
Councillor Gordon Jackson882
Councillor Jennifer Jordan880
Councillor Nigel Kearse13112
Councillor Sheila Kirkland880
Councillor Nigel Manning851
Councillor Julia McShane641
Councillor Bob McShee651
Councillor Marsha Moseley1390
Councillor Nikki Nelson-Smith960
Councillor Susan Parker13102
Councillor Mike Parsons11111
Councillor Dennis Paul860
Councillor Tony Phillips870
Councillor Mike Piper10101
Councillor David Quelch16161
Councillor Jo Randall10101
Councillor David Reeve651
Councillor Caroline Reeves18183
Councillor Iseult Roche10100
Councillor Tony Rooth14132
Councillor Matthew Sarti641
Councillor Pauline Searle660
Councillor Paul Spooner17130
Councillor James Walsh990
Councillor Jenny Wicks17140
Councillor David Wright740