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Support New Walnut Tree Bridge

We the undersigned petition Guildford Borough Council to uphold the decision to build the new Walnut Tree Bridge before funding lapses and needs to be repaid. Please improve all our access to the station by going ahead with this plan as soon as possible.

The new, planned, Walnut Tree Bridge looks set to provide a vital improvement to a busy river crossing and much-needed maintenance of this area of town.
Some councillors are now questioning the proposed redevelopment, which puts some of the funding in jeopardy and at risk of having to be repaid.

This river crossing is integral to users from the residential areas towards Woodbridge and Stoke Roads. This route will be made much safer with a new pedestrian and cycle crossing of Walnut Tree Close linking the bridge to the station.

The planned improvements to the bridge will help improve active travel by local residents and make a much safer travel environment for all. It will also make the bridge more accessible to wheelchair users and those with buggies and pushchairs. This will also hopefully lead to an increase in active travel to and from the station and a decrease in car journeys to the station.

Rather than enter into more discussions to drag this out further, please get on with these much-needed improvements, to replace the current bridge with a wider, safer bridge for all users and avoid wasting the funds already committed to this. The current bridge is unsafe, incredibly dangerous in wet or icy weather and simply not fit for purpose. It is not safe to continue to be used for any length of time.

It is not only the traditional heritage areas of the town that need looking after and this part of town is at risk of being neglected for too long. As well as the bridge improvements, the proposed landscaping as part of the scheme will improve the whole Bedford Wharf area and make it a much more welcoming part of town.

Started by: Rachel Spruce (N/a)

This ePetition runs from 28/01/2020 to 27/01/2021.

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