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Petition to abolish newly introduced parking charges and restrictions at Sutherland Memorial Park, Burpham

We the undersigned petition Guildford Borough Council to remove the newly introduced parking charges and "no return same day" restrictions at Sutherland Memorial Park, Burpham

The parking at Sutherland Memorial Park has been used for many years by parents of the local primary school as a parking area to enable them to drop off and collect their children without having to use the heavily congested Burpham Lane.
Following the introduction of the "no return same day" parking restrictions at the car park, it is no longer possible to use the car park for both drop-offs and pick-ups without paying the full £9 parking fee.

The restrictions are therefore expected to lead to an increase in the volume of cars driving down Burpham Lane directly to the school as people seek to avoid these charges. This increase in traffic is expected to pose a much higher risk of injury to those children that cycle or walk to the school, as well as cause a decrease in air quality in the immediate area.

Additionally, the parking has also historically been used by the staff at Burpham Primary School due to there being limited onsite parking, and the newly introduced restrictions will therefore lead to an increased financial burden on some of the staff that work there. The school currently enjoys an “Outstanding” overall Ofsted grade, and anything that impacts upon the school’s ability to attract or retain staff could potentially jeopardise this achievement.

It is feared that the impact of the newly introduced parking restrictions will therefore be detrimental to the Burpham community, and will adversely affect the younger members of the community the most.

This petition has been created with the aim of requesting that the Council consider the wider impact of the current restrictions on the Burpham community, and remove the newly introduced restrictions and charges.

Started by: Richard Smee

This ePetition ran from 22/07/2019 to 28/10/2019 and has now finished.

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