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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Rent Review of the Lease dated 8 October 2013 of 12 Stoughton Road ref: 110120/03/201920/03/2019Not for call-in
Leader's Announcements ref: 109219/03/201919/03/2019Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 109119/03/201919/03/2019Not for call-in
Local Code of Conduct - Disclosable Pecuniary Interest ref: 109019/03/201919/03/2019Not for call-in
Apologies for Absence ref: 108919/03/201919/03/2019Not for call-in
Guildford Sportsground Management Company ref: 109619/03/201919/03/2019Not for call-in
Innovation Strategy 2019-20 ref: 109419/03/201919/03/2019Not for call-in
Ash Road Bridge - Pre-Construction ref: 109719/03/201919/03/2019Not for call-in
Replacement of Guildford Spectrum ref: 109519/03/201919/03/2019Not for call-in
Sale of land to the rear of Guildford Rowing Club ref: 109819/03/201919/03/2019Not for call-in
The Guildford Museum Development Project - Update ref: 109319/03/201919/03/2019Not for call-in
Grant of the Contacted-Out Lease of New House ref: 110020/03/201920/03/2019Not for call-in
Grant access licence to Thames Water Utilities Limited for site investigations ref: 109920/03/201920/03/2019Not for call-in
Innovation Strategy ref: 108118/02/201918/02/2019Not for call-in
Grant of the Contracted-Out Lease of Unit 2 Foundation Units, 26 Westfield Road, Slyfield Industrial Estate ref: 108815/03/201915/03/2019Not for call-in
Fee Review of the licence dated 1 February 2011 of the car park located adjacent to the Parrot Inn ref: 108715/03/201915/03/2019Not for call-in
Grant the Protected Lease of Unit 3 The Billings Walnut Tree Close GU1 4UL ref: 108614/03/201914/03/2019Not for call-in
Rent Review of the Lease dated 16 August 1976 of land situated at Woodbridge Road Guildford, known as Stocton Close Tyre Depot. ref: 108413/03/201913/03/2019Not for call-in
Licence to Alter to F G Barnes & Sons Ltd of 25 Westfield Road Slyfield Industrial Estate GU1 ref: 108311/03/201911/03/2019Not for call-in
Subletting of Use of part of Lease to 6-8 Woodbridge Meadows Guildford GU1 1BA ref: 108214/03/201914/03/2019Not for call-in
Grant of the Contacted-Out Lease of Unit 8, Enterprise Estate, Moorfield Road, Slyfield Industrial Estate, Guildford, GU1 1RB ref: 108513/03/201913/03/2019Not for call-in