Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Appointment of Councillors to External Organisations22/01/2019For Determination23/07/2019
Review of Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report22/01/2019For Determination23/07/2019
Annual Audit Letter 2018-1922/01/2019For Determination07/01/2020
Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan22/01/2019For Determination03/12/2019
Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places22/01/2019For Determination08/10/2019
Compton Air Quality Air Management Area Action Plan22/01/2019For Determination20/03/2019
Home Improvement Grant Policy22/01/2019For Determination26/03/2019
Rodborough Buildings – Electric Theatre through road and parking22/01/2019For Determination23/04/2019
Review of Probity in Planning – Local Code of Practice22/01/2019For Determination09/04/2019
Surrey Leaders' Group21/12/2018For Determination21/05/2019
Councillor Working Groups21/12/2018For Determination21/05/2019
Appointments to committees 2019-2021/12/2018For Determination15/05/2019
Election of the Leader of the Council for four year term 2019-202321/12/2018For Determination15/05/2019
Appointment of Honorary Remembrancer 2019-2021/12/2018For Determination08/05/2019
Appointment of Mayor's Chaplain 2019-2021/12/2018For Determination08/05/2019
Election of Mayor and appointment of Deputy Mayor 2019-2021/12/2018For Determination08/05/2019
Appointment of Independent Persons under Section 28 Localism Act 2011 (May 2019 - May 2023)21/12/2018For Determination09/04/2019
Appointment of co-opted Independent Members of the Corporate Governance and Standards Committee (May 2019 - May 2023)21/12/2018For Determination09/04/2019
Review of Councillor / Officer Protocol21/12/2018For Determination09/04/2019
Guildford Spectrum 221/12/2018For Determination26/03/2019
Review of operation of Executive Advisory Boards21/12/2018For Determination26/02/2019
Ash Road Bridge - Compulsory Purchase Order21/12/2018For Determination21/05/2019
Review of Joint Enforcement Team11/12/2018For Determination18/06/2019
Review of Refuse and Recycling Service and Refuse Vehicle Procurement11/12/2018For Determination27/08/2019
Sale of land to the rear of Guildford Rowing Club11/12/2018For Determination26/03/2019
Surrey Waste Partnership - Inter Authority Agreement11/12/2018For Determination18/06/2019
Future operation of public conveniences11/12/2018For Determination26/03/2019
The Development of Guildford Museum11/12/2018For Determination26/03/2019
Transfer of Gosden Common to Bramley Parish Council11/12/2018For Determination26/03/2019
Future Guildford11/12/2018For Determination26/02/2019
Selection of the Deputy Mayor 2019-2011/12/2018For Determination22/01/2019
Stoke Park Masterplan: a strategy for delivery11/12/2018For Determination26/03/2019
Bedford Wharf Landscaping30/10/2018For Determination22/01/2019
ICT Policy for Councillors30/10/2018For Determination22/01/2019
Parking Enforcement25/09/2018For Determination20/03/2019
Street Naming and Numbering Policy31/07/2018For Determination22/01/2019
Allocation of Grants to Community and Voluntary Organisations 2019-2019/06/2018For Determination19/02/2019
Off-Street Parking Business Plan 2019-2022/05/2018For Determination22/01/2019
Housing Revenue Account Estimates 2019-2022/05/2018For Determination26/02/2019
Service and Financial Planning - General Fund Budget 2019-2022/05/2018For Determination26/02/2019
Capital & Investment Strategy 2019-20 to 2022-2322/05/2018For Determination26/02/2019
Pay Policy Statement 2019-2023/01/2018For Determination26/02/2019