Committee details

Place Making and Innovation Executive Advisory Board

Purpose of committee

The Borough, Economy and Infrastructure Advisory Board is one of two advisory boards each advising the Executive Committee.


The other is the Executive Advisory Board - Society, Environment, and Council Development


Executive Advisory Boards are advisory in nature and do not have any substantive decision-making powers delegated to them.  Executive Advisory Boards are to act as a source of advice to the Executive. 


Each Executive Advisory Board has the following general responsibilities:


·         To assist and advise the Executive in the development of Policy Framework issues.

·         To undertake research and reviews for the purpose of advising the Executive on the delivery of Corporate Plan Priorities.

·         To advise the Executive at an early stage in respect of the formulation and development of policies and projects that will help to deliver Corporate Plan Priorities

·         To assist in the development of Executive Decisions

·         To assist and advise the Executive as regards budget preparation.

·         To develop and maintain a work programme ensuring that there is efficient use of its time



Contact information

Support officer: Andrea Carr, Committee Officer Tel no: 01483 444058. Email: