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Planning Committee

Purpose of committee

Comprising 15 Councillors out of 48, the Planning Committee determines planning applications and related matters which have not been dealt with by Officers under delegated authority. The Planning Committee meets every four weeks.


Covid-19 Pandemic Update

Owing to the recent Covid-19 pandemic and government guidance issued to stay at home, it will not be possible to hold the Planning Committee meeting scheduled on 20 May 2020 in person.  The Council has therefore made arrangements under the Coronavirus Act 2020 to hold the meeting virtually via Microsoft Teams, which will be streamed live via audio (telephone link) and recorded and will be available for repeated viewing online afterwards.  The recording of the meeting will be posted on the Councils webcasting site the day after the meeting.


The Committee will only be considering householder, minor and other planning applications at its first virtual meeting on 20 May 2020.


Subsequent virtual meetings will aim to deal with some of the ‘major’ planning applications (which are those involving 10 dwellings or more or 1,000 sq metres or more) but only in cases where such applications:


·         Have attracted fewer than 20 letters contrary to officer recommendation and have been referred to the committee by a ward councillor for valid planning reasons following the seven-day notification process.

·         Have been submitted by the Council and therefore need to be considered by the Planning Committee for reasons of openness and transparency. These applications would still need to have attracted fewer than 20 letters contrary to officer recommendation

·         should in the opinion of officers be considered by the Planning Committee rather than by delegated powers.


A guide to Planning Committee Meetings can be found



Contact information

Support officer: Sophie Butcher, Democratic Services Officer.

Phone: 01483 444056